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Acts 3

In Acts chapter 2 we saw the birth of the church as we know it today. That means that for the first time we can go to the Lord directly. We do not need priests or any intermediary to intercede for us. Praise the Lord for this privilege. Chapter 3 starts off with a miracle from God. This teaches us several things. The first thing is that we need to give of what we have. We may not have a lot of extra money, but we may be able to help someone with there yard work or baby sit so the parents can get out for an evening. I have always found that when we do something for someone else we will get it back. It may not be from the person whom we have helped, but it can come from some place totally different than what we expect. No matter where it comes from we seem to always get it back. The second thing is that we need to ALWAYS give the credit for our accomplishments to the Lord. No matter what good things we do it is because the Lord has helped us accomplish the deed. The third thing is that we should not be surprised as to what God can do through us if we give him the chance. Let’s find out what our talents are and put them to work.


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