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Acts 4

The message at the end of Acts chapter 3 resulting in the salvation of 3000 men, the men that were saved in the first few days after Penticost and the message preached by Peter in the first part of Acts chapter 4 resulted in a total of about 5000 men saved, That means that there were women, older children and servants saved as well. So there could have been as many as 20,000 people partisipating in the church by that time. That was enough people to get the attention of the leading Jewish Priests. They began persecuting the Diciples with arrests and trials. Peter and John were faithful in their testamony. That is an example for us. We need to be faithful to our calling reguardless of our circumstances. We need to be faithful in our bible study, in our prayer, and in our relatinship with others. We know what to do, now lets do it. At the conclusion of chapter 4 we see the converts continuing to share their resources. We will be dealing with that in more detail tomorrow.


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