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Hebrews 13

I love that the book of Hebrews ends with a chapter about how we are to treat each other.  What does contemplating the holiness of God and our precious gift of a right standing with him result in?  Love for others.  Strangers, prisoners, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our spouses, our leaders.  When we recognize who God is and who we are, we are motivated to love others.  It also creates gratitude for what we have.  When we understand that we have everything, we don’t want anything.  It gives us confidence, because if Christ was willing to give us himself, what would he withhold from us? The author continues in the comparison of sacrifice, telling us to offer the sacrifice of our praise, the fruit of our lips, thanking Him.  What a joy to offer God a sacrifice like that!  It gives me a glimpse of eternity, perfect unity with God, endlessly offering a sacrifice of thankfulness and praise!   I’ve enjoyed reading these chapters of Hebrews with you!  I feel like I’ve grown in my understanding of another beautiful facet of the character of God and it has impacted how I see myself and as a result how I relate to others.  At the same time, I know that it was only one strand in the tapestry of these 5 chapters.  There is so much truth here that resonates in our daily lives.  Thank you for reading along with me, God Bless! 


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