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Lighthouse Campus Fellowship (LCF) exists to make disciples with Jesus Christ! Over the next four years, we are studying through God's Word to find God's timeless wisdom and solutions for modern living.

The Lighthouse Student Center

112 S. Sheldon Avenue (Behind Dunkin' Donuts)
Meets Sundays 6-8 pm Dinner / Study
Wednesday 6:30-8 pm Small Groups/Activities

We believe the best way to make disciples with Jesus Christ in the community and on campus is through students who are committed to the local church and living on mission.

Our church and campus ministry is committed to making disciples with Jesus Christ by:
o    Reaching students to make disciples
o    Training students to be disciples

o    Sending students to multiply disciples



Sushma, India

MA Aerospace Engineering

Lighthouse changed my life! Now I’m destined to live with God forever in heaven!


Rohit, India

PhD Civil Engineering

Lighthouse is a great place to learn about Christ and the Bible and to meet some amazing people, including fellow international students.

Image by Aadesh Choudhari


Involvement in Lighthouse helps me to have a balanced life between learning academically and spiritually. [Lighthouse] has helped me to understand more about my faith as I grow in my relationship with God.

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