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Discipleship is an important process for every believer that provides intimate friendships, a place to form biblical disciplines, an environment of accountability, and, most importantly, cultivating a life rooted deeply in God’s Word.

Core Groups are yearly discipleship groups that are gender-specific, closed groups of 3-5 believers who meet together weekly for accelerated spiritual transformation. 

Core Groups focus on developing the disciplines of bible reading, memorization, prayer, evangelism, and accountability together for 12-18 months before multiplying and launching new groups.

Image by Dylan Gillis



We’re so thankful you’re interested in starting a new group! At Crossroad, we want to help you create this intentional discipleship group. We provide resources for all our leaders that remove the intimidation out of leading.


If you are interested in potentially starting a group with other hungry believers, fill out this form and our staff would love to talk more about what it would look like.


Making disciples in a Core Group is the third element in our vision for doing life together in Christ because it flows out of the Community Groups. Community Groups are the “fishing ponds” for Core Groups. As people form friendships and bonds in Community Groups, handfuls of them will decide to take the next step and begin a discipleship journey together in a Core Group.

If you would like to be in a Core Group, the first step is to join a Community Group. If you are currently in a Community Group and desire to be in a Core Group, fill out the form below and we will help you find the right group.

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