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1 Kings 15

We have Kings Abijam, Asa,. Nadab, and Baasha mentioned here.  Abijam was like Rehoboam – not following God.  And yet God because of David kept the line going (as opposed to Jeroboam and Nadab who was killed beseiging a city by Baasha).  Asa was the first good king in Judah.    He was a good king because he was loyal to God and got rid of worship to other gods (although not all of them).  He even deposed his grandmother (some translations mother but incorrect) from her place in the family and the worship she had started.  We have had mention of 2 women as part of the kings’ stories and both created problems.  The power women have in their families is amazing and needs to be used for good.

Notice God faithfully keeping covenant and His Word regardless of the ups and downs of history.  Repentance before Him  is absolutely necessary but also brings abundant mercy.  We have a king in Jesus who is always faithful and is ridding this world of false worship.  We are called to play a part of this process.  What are you doing today for Him?

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