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1 Kings 5

Making an alliance is a tricky thing.  The old saying you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family is true.  Sometimes you can pick your enemies; sometimes not.  Picking allies is a form of friendship.  You see the same things.  You have the same goals.  Evidently Hiram worshipped the God of the Bible.  Evidently he loved David and what he had accomplished.  Solomon and Hiram became allies.  Notice, however, that they treat one another with respect – paying one another for services and assuring one another they know they have the best intentions.  That’s not flattery; that’s wise reminders of what true allies are there for.    What allies do you have in your life?

Your spiritual allies are amazing – the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  We have help that always looks out for our best and provides our needs.  The question is do we respect them?

Also, notice the similarities between Solomon and Christ (when He returns).  He will have rest on every side.  Peace will be established in the world.  He will be able to build a temple to God because He is the temple ultimately.   Knowing you have peace allows you to build something great; too often in this world we have to prepare for bad times.  It’s simply wise.  What a great thing peace will be!  Even so Jesus, come quickly.


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