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1 Kings 7

Sometimes when you read all that Solomon and Hiram did you can be intimidated.  “Because who can do something as great as that?  I certainly can’t… ” This might be your logic.   It’s understandable because God’s Word present the temple as great.    God gave wisdom to Hiram (not the king) and Solomon to complete the work he had for them to do.  It reminds you of the proverb that if you have skill you will not stand in front of insignificant people.  It’s not bad to desire skill, but it’s even better to realize that the God who made Hiram and Solomon also made you to complete a certain work.  He will give you the tools to do it.  He will give you skill to do it.  And even when you fail, he will forgive and cleanse you.

What a great God we serve!  We are known and loved regardless of our accomplishments which ultimately are not ours alone anyway.


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