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1 Peter 1 – update

This letter is from Peter the fisherman turned apostle to persecuted believers. This first chapter sets the tone. Regardless of the circumstances, including unjust persecution, believers are to: Celebrate our hope in an imperishable inheritance, including resurrection. This is especially relevant when we are grieving. Rejoice, because trials make faith grow. Love Christ, leading to inexpressible joy! Hope in Christ’s grace; which is all we need. Be Holy; meaning be different from the culture. Love one another All of this we can do because Christ has made the promises, and backed them up from the beginning of time with His infinite power, and with his death and resurrection. Peter is encouraging us to be so overwhelmed with how amazing God is that the stuff that drags us down comes into a proper perspective – i.e. trivial. It is sometimes a struggle to do this – but that does not allow us to disobey…


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