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1 Peter 3:15

1 Peter 3:15

As believers living out 1 Peter 3:1-2, we should be something of an oddity. Not that we dress poorly or act crazy. An unbeliever should find our response to life to be just a bit off. My unsaved friends have often commented about all of the “religion” that appears in statuses. While they view this as an affection that we put on, I often see a believer’s heart in these pithy statements.

Why do believers do that? Peter says that we ought to have a reason why we have confidence (hope) in the present or future situation. Now, to be sure, there are some who do this out of ritualistic evangelism. But not all. Many are truly exposing their hearts.

As we celebrate Christmas, do we focus on family, cookies, presents, and beautiful lights? Now don’t take me for a complete Scrooge. These are important, but why? My family celebrates our continuing heritage of following God. Food and presents draw our attention to the many blessings God has and continues to shower on us.

When we respond with faith in God regardless of the situation, we act out of step with most of mankind. It is unnatural. It attracts attention. Just in the last few months, I have had several instances at CyRide to illustrate. I have had serious questions shot at me. Many of the hearers have scratched their heads when they did not hear the expected “Sunday School” answer, but rather a soft, confident (because of past experiences), serious answer that does not look down its nose at the questioner.

We do this with meekness because we are nothing special without God’s working. We do it with fear because we are representing God in our world!


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