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2 Peter 1:17-19

2 Peter 1:17-19

Do you ever wish for God to tell you what to do? As I deal with college students with a myriad of basic life questions: What major should I follow? Which job? Should I date . . .? What should I do about . . .? I often do not feel qualified to even offer an opinion. Wouldn’t it be great to text God and get a short and pointed answer?

Peter remembered the day Jesus was baptized. Jesus was in the Jordan. The Holy Spirit appeared as a dove (and no, I am not entirely sure what that means!). The startling aspect of the event was the voice from heaven saying, “You are my Beloved Son. I am extremely pleased with you.” That left an impression on Peter over 35 years later even though he penned the words, “We have a more sure word of prophecy.”

While God does not tell us everything that we want, He does tell us everything that we need in the Bible. Our frequent struggle and frustration seeking His direction develops much good fruit. It forces us to wrestle with various passages that may be at tension with one another. It forces us to contemplate how best to honor God. It demonstrates our daily dependence on God’s wisdom.

I wish for more answers. I have too many questions. I find myself changing my mind on issues as I consider different passages of scripture. I find myself driven back to the Bible. Most importantly, I agree with Peter that I do well to “take heed” to what God has already said!


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