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3rd Gift for “It’s not fair!”

Free to do what?  Here’s an amazing thing and it’s also God’s third gift.  He gives gifts so that we can serve others (1 Cor. 12:4-7).  We’ve all been in situations where we have wondered why God gives someone else something we desire.  It can be anything from a piece of candy to a favorite toy to a special privilege.  Yet, instead of being envious, we need to realize God gives us those things not to hoard and take pride in but to use for God’s glory and other’s good.

For instance, God has given me the gift of a wife in your mom.  But it’s not so that I can gloat or even feel better about who I am but so that I can serve both you and her – to benefit you.  By faith (Rom. 12:4-6) we accept what God has given us as the best way for us to serve others.  He made us so intricately and knows us so well that the gifts He gives fit us and our situation better than we can ever understand.

If, however, we get caught up on comparing ourselves with other’s opportunities, we’ll get caught up in the lie that God doesn’t give good gifts.  That he’s really unfair and that we deserve a better shot and we have the right to get angry about that.    God throws you curve balls so that you have a chance to serve others.


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