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A good quote on Saturday night

I used to preach the gospel to non-Christians, and then when they became believers, I would essentially put the gospel on the shelf and tell them everything they needed to do now that they were saved. But I realized along the way that such an approach was preventing them from real growth in Christ because it was cutting them off from their greatest source of nourishment and strength. Now I would say that we can go deeper into the gospel, but we should never go beyond it. The message that unbelieving sinners need to hear is the same message that believing sinners need to hear. In other words, the gospel is for Christians, too. We need to preach it to ourselves, each other, and the lost. We need gospel discipleship, along with gospel evangelism, to reamin a Christ-centered church. The gospel of grace in Jesus Christ is the foundation, formation, and motivation of the Christian life; therefore, it belongs in discipleship as well as evangelism. Harry Reeder III, From Embers to a Flame p. 65-66


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