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Acts 2

Fifty days after Christ arose, the Holy Spirit made his appearance as Jesus had promised.  It is amazing that there were many Jews at that time in Jerusalem for a religious celebration.  We know that with the Lord nothing just “happens”.  As the Holy Spirit came in to indwell the people who had gathered in the upper room, there was a great roar of wind.  The Jews were attracted by the roar to the home where the Disciples were in.  As the Jews arrived at the house they were amazed that they heard the message in their own language.  Whether the Disciples spoke and the Jews all heard their own language or whether each Disciple spoke a single specific language, we don’t know.  Suffice to say that the Jews understood what the Disciples were saying.  The most important thing was that they heard the message of Jesus and believed.      From this, the church as we know it today was born.  People were added daily and they became a unit by sharing all that they had.  Praise the lord.


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