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Acts 21

Everywhere Paul went, he was warned to stay away from Jerusalem. He was told he would die if he went there. However, Paul was not to be deterred from his task. He was willing to die for the sake of the gospel. He took a farewell tour, encouraging believers in each town. Even in Jerusalem, knowing death awaited, he chose not to hide, but visited the temple. It was there the crowd spotted him and he was arrested.

Am I willing to die for my faith? Or, am I even willing to adjust my agenda for my faith? Will I head into danger for the sake of the gospel when warned against it? Will I inconvenience myself to do the right thing? Few, if any of us, will be called to be martyrs. However, all of us need to have the focus of Paul, who chose death in order to get his work done. What do I face every day? Distractions, yes, duties, yes, death, no. God has given me the task of living for Him. Am I willing to follow Paul’s example?


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