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Acts 24

What’s in the Way?

Paul’s defense before Felix centered on the resurrection as he identified with the Way (24:14,21).  In that the governor had a “rather accurate knowledge of the Way” (24:22), he dismissed the accusing Jews (led by Tertullus) and spent more time with Paul.

Paul was allowed to see his friends and he was even invited to talk freely about his faith in Jesus Christ with Felix and his Jewish wife Drusilla.    Felix was particularly troubled when Paul “reasoned about righteousness and self-control and the coming judgment.” (24:25) Yet he continued to send for him, because he was hoping for some money from Paul.   Paul’s status as a prisoner continued for two years because Felix feared the Jews (24:27).

Felix had a knowledge about the Way, but he didn’t seem to know The Way (Jesus –see John 14:6).  How many people think that they know about Christianity but do not grasp Who Christ is and what He has done?  What seemed to be in Felix’s way of truly experiencing the Way?  Were money, popularity, and freedom consequence on that list?  What roadblocks do some of your friends and acquaintances have?

Paul was not being negative to Felix and Drusilla.  He simply wanted them to understand that Christians celebrate the resurrection because they know the judgment and the true meaning of the cross.  Until a person realizes the impact of his or her personal sin, accepting Christ’s payment for that sin, there is no hope in the resurrection.


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