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Acts 25

God’s agenda.

Paul patiently allowed God to unfold a plan that would allow him to impact more Gentiles.  Interestingly, the hatred and tenacity of the Jews had actually progressed God’s agenda for Paul.  The Jews interrupted Paul’s ministry in the temple and forced him into the hands of the Gentile commander.   Paul’s faith was then shared with the Commander,  Felix & Drusilla, Porcius Festus, and as we see in this chapter, to King Agrippa and Bernice.   With each leader, Paul had the responsibility (opportunity) to talk more about the conflict that the Jews had with him about Jesus.

If Paul the preacher had requested an audience with the king he would most likely be denied.  But Paul the prisoner was actually invited to speak before the king (25:22).

It probably made no sense to Paul’s followers that he was in jail all this time.  They probably thought of all the cities he could be visiting.  They most likely considered his ministry to be in remission or at least greatly hampered.  Yet Paul had some of the most captive audiences.  Prison guards, various members of the court, as well as leading officials were hearing his testimony and learning about Christ.

Have there been situations in your life that have  made you think that you were limited?  Have you considered that they might not be limited, but just different from your agenda?  In this case Paul accomplished more as a prisoner than he did as a preacher.  What new role has God called you to?  How willing are you to adjust?


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