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Acts 6

Acts 6 begins with the other side of peoples needs. This is the third time this week and in the study of Acts that the subject of sharing of the daily provisions has come up. So far Acts has delt with the forming and the implimenting the Universal Church along with peoples salvation. Even though our salvation is important, peoples daily lives are important as well. We have to meet people where they live. If people are hungry or have a debt that they can’t meet it is very hard to talk to them about the Lord. The people in Acts were in this situation. Just like Moses, the Diciples had to be reminded that they couldn’t do everything by themselves. Two points are contained in the first few virses of Acts 6. The first one is that if you have people you will have problems that will have to be delt with. The second one is that our pastors should be spending their time in preaching and teaching Gods word. They should not be cutting the grass or deciding weather a light bulb should be changed. The administrating of many of the church programs should be handled by the leaders within the church. That does not mean that the pastors should not be involved in these programs it just means that for the most part the church members should handle the day to day programs – guided by the deacons. That is why we have five task force committes set up in our church. They are Outreach, Service, Worship, Fellowship and Discipleship. Are you a part of one of these committes? If not, why not!? There is something for every one.


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