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Acts 9

Acts 9 Jesus building His Church.

This chapter of Acts reported the conversion of Saul who became Paul, who took the gospel message into Asia and Europe and who wrote much of the New Testament. But what do we learn about Jesus Christ as He worked to build His Church on earth? And how might Jesus work in our lives as He continues to build His church in these days? We find He is quite active. He sees and knows about what is happening to His people and who is causing harm (Saul’s persecutions). In His time, He acts to bring an end to it. He is able to change the heart of even one who hates and opposes Him in a moment of time, impressing the truth of His existence and His work of redemption in His death and resurrection on the heart and mind (Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus). Although we should not expect to hear His voice with our ears or be spoken to through dreams since we have the Old and New Testaments, Christ has a plan for each life and wants to use us as instruments to impact the lives of others (Ananias taking the message to Saul). God calls and equips some for special ministry of the Word of God (God’s choice of Saul to be His chosen instrument to take the message of the good news to the Gentiles and the Jews). Jesus fills believers with the Holy Spirit to enable and empower them to do His work (Saul’s filling). Jesus gives boldness and courage to speak of Him being the Son of God and the Christ, the Savior, even in the face of opposition and threats on one’s life (Saul’s preaching in Damascus). Asks and enables us to take risks and extend trust when working with new believers (Barnabas helping introduce Saul to the apostles in Jerusalem). What is God doing in your life? What opposition do you face today? How can He use you today to build His Church? What kind of courage do you need today?


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