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I first learned about God the summer before second grade. I went to a vacation bible school at my grandmother’s church. They told me I was going to hell if I didn’t accept Christ as my savior, so I did. The Bible school ended and I went home and said nothing about it. After that I became obsessed with church just because it was something my family didn’t do. A few years later, in fourth grade, I started going to Campus Baptist Church and attending AWANA. Every week when we prayed I felt there was something wrong with the circumstances around how I got saved. I did out of fear, not love of God. I asked Christ to cleanse my heart of sin and plant a seed of love. Ever since I’ve had circumstances in my life which had made me angry at God and I had stopped going to church off and on which I blamed on not having a ride. But really, I felt I couldn’t face God with my anger. But slowly I’ve learned God loves me and I can go to him with anything. I’ve tried to live my life for God and be a disciple to my friends. If I died today, I would go to heaven and If God asked me why he should let me in, I would recite to Him John 3:16. John 3:16 is the verse which related most to my salvation. It’s the only verse I learned at the Bible school and just because everyone knows it doesn’t lessen the fact that it sums up how to be saved, why Jesus died and why to live your life for Him.

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