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CrossRoad Tuesday in Prayer Pastors, Leadership and Staff

Prayer requests and praises Pray for Pastor Will as he leads in caring for the flock. Offer thanks to God for the ways Pastor leads by example in loving his family and his flock, and shows us the Good Shepherd each week in the Word. Give thanks that the Gospel is throughout his preaching and God’s presence and peace and power is known and ever-present. Pray for Pastor George and Pastor Will as they care for our church body. Offer praise that while we are not face-to-face, we have confidence in their faithful prayers made on our behalf. Pray for our leadership as they offer care to strengthen families, singles, and individuals of our church body, in areas where there may be needs, frustrations and grieving, by supporting the church body and encouraging us to draw closer to God. Pray Father God, would guide our leaders of our country, and those throughout the world, in this time of crisis would act in wisdom as they make important decisions, and that the response agencies they mobilize would be organized and be able to meet the demands. Lift up our President, Congress and their advisors in prayer that they humbly seek God as their guide and that they are surrounded by wise counsel. Pray as they govern that they make decisions that would strengthen our nation and make provisional care for those in need.

Pray for our pastors and their families:

Will & Amy Hatfield George & Dottie Hatfield Jed Royce (pastoral intern)

Our deacons and their families:

Nick and Carol Bal

Jack Guan and Ying Li

Dave and Jen Hyman

Dave and Becky Knudson

Bill and Michelle McKim

Kyle and Kathy McKown

Daniel and Laura Park

Tron and Mindy Scott

Jon and Vanessa Smith

Tim and Krisdyn Stearns

Nate and Sarah Teed

Scott and Sharon Thornton

Lauren and Kristen Vanderweide

Bob and Deb West

Lanny Wilkening

Our office:

Cindy Fee


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