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I’m back… again.

Hey I’m back after a couple of weeks of inactivity.  Inactivity on the blog, not real life ;).  God was good in giving us safety out to my grandpa’s funeral and giving us a chance to witness our faith as well as see family and get back and preach at church.  He was also good in giving us a few days away at Family Camp.  Always a good time.  Some catching up stuff:

A couple of years ago there was a big push in Ames about homosexual marriage even to the point of calling it the next step in our emancipation after racism.  I went to one of the rallies and the main guy talked about how his feelings have changed based on interaction with people.   At the time I thought that if the authority is our feelings then there is no limit to what we allow.  Al Mohler highlights the next step in that in this article on polyamory: Polyamory – The Perfectly Plural Postmodern Condition

Time Management is always a thing I’m working on: Here’s how President Obama spends his time.


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