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I will not offer anything that costs me nothing

Questions to ask yourself to help determine what you truly value, what you’re willing to sacrifice for those things, and how you go about doing that.

What are you sacrificing for right now?                 What were your tradeoffs this week?

What do you resist giving up?  Why?

What are you planning every week to do with your free time?

What are you looking forward to?

What do you think is too complicated, hard, costly?  Why?

What are you assuming will care for/encourage/provide for the people in your life?  “They’ll be ok because…” How does this free you up to do your own thing rather than doing something for them?

What are the things you won’t trade away?

What are you willing to give up to get what you want as far as time, money, resources, friends?

How are you different in using your time and energy than the unbelievers around you?

How are you sacrificing time and money to get what’s truly important to you?

What little things do you value that in the big scheme of life are hindering possessing what’s truly valuable?

What would your children/friends say is truly valuable to you? Ask your friends what are the things they think you won’t give away or what is too costly for you.

How do you typically communicate the sacrifice you are making?

Who do you have to talk to in order to make what you want happen?

What could you do this week/month/year in order to praise God?

How could you use your resources to truly share with others?

How can you make others successful this week?

How are you laying up treasure in heaven?   How can you plan to lay up more?

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