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Luke 1

Luke 1 “…an orderly account for you… that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.”    V. 3-4.

Luke was selected by God to write this portion of Scripture.   It is a narrative designed to provide details for those that had not had the privilege to witness firsthand the acts and teachings of Jesus.

This is a relatively long chapter, but it includes the details of the announcements of the birth of John the Baptist and Christ.  It is easy to skim over this familiar “Christmas” account; therefore I suggest that you consider reading it with a few questions in mind.  To provide variety consider the account from the perspective of the angel – what were the reactions of those receiving the messages?  How were the two visits similar?  How were they different?

Another project to consider is to look at the rejoicing of Mary (verses 46-55).  Reflect on the words that this young lady uses. 

Three takeaways from the chapter:

The background accounts of two babies (John the Baptist and Jesus) are foundational to providing “certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” God uses all ages to accomplish His plan: the elderly Elisabeth who thought her adventures were over and the very young Mary who never would have dreamt up her adventure. When faced with an overwhelming challenge it is better to ponder on the greatness of God rather than to wallow in the fears of what could go wrong.

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