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Luke 10

It’s interesting to me to see the juxtaposition from the beginning of Luke 10 to the end.  Jesus sends out his disciples.  He reminds them to trust God for their needs and instructs them about how to handle rejection and acceptance.  This is important for all of us but I personally find the instruction very helpful.  Jesus is basically saying: if they reject you, they’re not rejecting you. They are rejecting him.  If they reject you, you are to leave that with God and move on.  In other words, expect to be rejected sometimes but keep the delivery of the message the focus, not whether people accept it or not.  At the same time, when you are accepted, don’t simply give without accepting anything in return, but accept the gifts people give and stay with them, building on the base of those who have accepted the message of the kingdom.  Good reminders for ministering with people!

And in case you get jaded about rejection and people, there is the story of the Good Samaritan – the one who loved his neighbor regardless of the cost.  What a great reminder that in spite of the difficulties of ministry we have a high calling to love those around and see them brought to Christ, healed of their sins and brought to full life in Christ.  I am so glad Jesus loved me regardless of the cost!

* sorry for being late.  This slipped through the cracks!


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