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Luke 13

The story of the disabled woman fascinates me.  There is more to her than just another person being healed by Jesus.  She pictures Israel.  The nation who rejected so many of God’s prophets and was now rejecting Jesus – hunched over, disabled by un-repentance, incomplete, waiting for the healing and restoration Jesus would one day bring.  But I also see myself.  Before Jesus and even at times after Jesus I just couldn’t stand up straight.  I stood there, hunched over – sin and anxiety weighing me down.

Jesus healed this woman because of her faith.  He saw her – called her – healed her and she responded with worship.  How did Israel respond to Jesus’ call?  They crucified Him.  How do we respond?  He made us to walk uprightly in this life to reflect his glory to those around.   How do we find so many ways to get dragged into worthless pursuits?  We walk around hunched over with burdens we weren’t meant to carry.  Jesus carried them to the cross already.  By faith we live uprightly.   We believe the promises of God and we trust in the effective work of Jesus to keep us standing tall.  We boldly live to proclaim the greatness of God.  Have you been healed?  Respond today.   Glory in the greatness of God.  Live life unashamed and without regrets, rejoicing in the glorious work God has done in your life.


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