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Luke 17

Luke 17

This week Kristen VanDerWeide is commenting on the readings. Enjoy her thoughts! – Pastor Will

“Jesus is coming! I heard Jesus is coming! Hurry up, he’s almost to the village. Jesus is coming! There he is, let’s go. Stay away from everyone else, but hurry up! Jesus, Master, have pity on us! Louder! Jesus, Master, have pity on us! Again, Jesus, Master, have pity on us!  He heard us, he’s coming over! What? What did he say? Go, show yourselves to the priests?  Are we….Yes, we are! We are healed! We are clean! We are FREEEE!!!! Hurry up, excuse me, excuse me, please move, we have to get to the priest, hurry! I can’t believe it, we’re healed. Please move, yes, I know, we’ve been healed. Jesus did it. He healed us. Jesus….wait, hey, hold up. We have to go back. Guys, come on, stop. We didn’t say thank you. He healed us. Jesus took away our leprosy, he took away our disease, he took away our shame. Come on, the priest can wait.  It will only take a minute. He changed our lives, it’s a miracle. We have to say thank you.”

When was the last time I thanked Jesus for changing my life, for taking away my disease of sin and cleansing me? Verse 15 says the one that came back was “praising God in a loud voice”. When was the last time I did that? Jesus, the Master, had pity on me, a dirty leprous sinner and He saved me. How can I not throw myself at Jesus’ feet and thank Him?


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