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Luke 22

Luke 22:15  “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer….” How amazing that Christ would use such a strong term to speak of His Passover meal with them.  He would have eaten Passover before and with them.  What caused His heart to earnestly desire to eat Passover this time…with them.    We know He earnestly desired “them” and us, as this is the reason He came.  Who can understand that love?  I cannot.  Now after several years of walking with these men and seeing all their faults and their faithlessness and selfishness He still has an intense desire to be with them. Was it because this was the last Passover that looked forward to the God’s eternal purpose being fulfilled in His death for sinners?  I Cor 5:7  From then on we would look back to Christ our Passover being sacrificed for us.  Did He want to rejoice that God’s plan was moving forward?  The day in the center of History was finally here.  “My hour has come.” Was it because He would initiate the memorial supper that would remind His followers until His return of His love and their unity in Him? Was it His heart, that was always yearning to reveal God and He wanted to teach them what to expect about His sufferings.  He was the one who would suffer but he was thinking of them and their need to learn more about God’s plan.  He knew suffering would come to them too. Did it include His desire to simply be with them?  They were so imperfect and so frail in their faith and yet He desires to “be with them” and do them good. I wish my frail mind could somehow understand Him more.  Sometimes I can only worship as I read through this chapter which is truly holy ground.  When I am suffering or about to suffer is my mind “all about me”?  Do I rejoice in God’s timeline?  Do I see my life and those around me as moving toward God’s mission on earth? What am I willing to sacrifice to accomplish God’s mission. How do I treat those believers around me who are less than perfect?  Do I desire to do them good and then do them good and then do them good. . . ?  Do I desire to have God reveal Himself in my life no matter what the cost?  Here I am again, Lord.  Please exchange my life for Yours.


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