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Luke 5

Luke 5

“We have seen strange things today!”  – witnesses of Jesus’ actions (Luke 5:26)

Imagine life back when Jesus was casting out demons, arguing with the religious leaders, teaching authoritatively, forgiving people of sin, and healing those with affliction.   That would be strange.

Consider also that Jesus took time to recruit a tax collector (Matthew/Levi) and even go to a party with a great number of tax collectors – strange actions for a holy man.

And why doesn’t this holy man do the ritual things like fasting and offering up flowery prayers like the Pharisees? – strange.  He does good things; He teaches good things; He does not fit the religious mold.

Are we as believers “strange” – for the right reasons?  Can people tell that we have new life? (like new wine in new wine skins).  Are our actions strangely refreshing?  Can people see a distinction from us and the simply religious?  Is it obvious that we see our mission to be God’s agents to help those who are spiritually sick?  Or have we been far too concerned about the opinions of others and pursued an acceptable (not strange) reputation amongst our peers?

We, like Peter, need to launch out into the deep, let down our nets and let Jesus do an awesome (and strange) work through us!  And when He does that work, we will fall humbly to our knees recognizing our sinfulness and His lordship over our lives (5:8).


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