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Luke 6

Luke 6

“Jesus is Lord.”  It’s the basic message of this chapter and the constant challenge to my heart.  Is he really Lord of me?

Jesus reminds me of His Lordship as I watch his disciples gather grain on the Sabbath.  Jesus takes care of my daily needs.  How often do I thank Him for doing so?  But more than that He reminds me that He decides what I should do and how I should use my Saturdays and every other day.  Is he Lord of my time?

Jesus is Lord of my relationships as well.  He tells me to love my enemies and do good to those who mistreat me.  Is he Lord of how I respond to my family, friends and enemies?

Jesus also reminds me that one day we will be with him.  He is Lord of history.  Can I trust him for your future and do I look forward to when He will return?  “Even so, come quickly.”  Can I say that?  For me, I need to be reminded of Jesus’ Lordship daily because my heart is “prone to wander.”  Prone to leave the God I love.

Because Jesus is Lord, let’s live for His kingdom now and joyfully demonstrate the Jesus is Lord of our lives.


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