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Luke 7

Luke 7

“He who is forgiven little, loves little.”

I don’t know about you, but I love a lot of things.  I love cool nights, soccer, books, challenges, football, spending time with my children, running, gadgets, and programming.  I love food like chocolate, ice cream and pumpkin pie.  Any volunteers to send me some?  I find that I love life when I enjoy the things I love.

Jesus is saying I won’t love Him the way I ought to if I don’t realize how much I need forgiven.

Sometimes I like to run from my guilt but thinking it wasn’t so bad,  sometimes I just try to forget about the things I’ve done wrong. I especially like to decide I’m not guilty by blaming someone else for it. Jesus is telling me to celebrate my need for forgiveness by embracing my guilt not running from it or forgetting about it or blame shifting.

I am going to love Jesus and life more when I embrace my guilt and run to Jesus about it.  I get to experience His forgiveness for my sins.  I get to experience his redemption of my consequences.  I get to experience His joy over my repentance.  I get to experience His peace as I now walk with Him.  Those are the things I really want out of life.  What about you?


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