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Napoleon's Project Management #1

We\’re starting a “book club discussion” on the book Napoleon on Project Management (found here. Join in by commenting on stuff below. The first chapter is fairly introductory.  I’d love to hear comments about what you\’ve learned.  I\’m going on vacation for the rest of the week so I won’t be able to join in much but join in anyway!  (Jonathan, if there’s a problem with comments feel free to jump in and administrate the blog). One thing I’ve learned so far.  He talked about how memory was so important to doing projects well.  Napoleon emphasized memory as a part of his ability to accomplish things.That was fascinating to me in the spiritual realm not just the practical one.  It was a background to other things.  How important is it to have God’s Word in the background of our brains because we’ve memorized it as we make decisions and evaluate choices.  I can see the practical benefit as well in making connections the Holy Spirit wants you to make in our conduct, in the resoureces we point others to and the daily conversations we have.

Your thoughts?

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