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Napoleon's Project Management #2

I know several of you guys are just getting the book so I’ll continue to comment mostly on chapter 1.  Jonathan had some interesting questions in his comment about #1. 

What is the proper balance? It is true that a leader who does not project confidence is not a good leader. And it is also true that often times God is glorified through our weakness.

My question would be: who is the leader projecting confidence in? how is he doing that? If he’s not projecting confidence in God by pointing to His Word then ultimately we’re going to be in trouble. Of course, in a work environment that’s somewhat different. People want confidence projected in order to get what they want accomplished. There’s a danger in making unqualified promises as a project manager in my opinion. I think in a work environment it would be really tempting to promise things we’re not sure we can deliver on. To quote Napoleon:

To win them, you must do them good.

Often we define good in the short term, what will please people now rather than long term what will be good for them throughout. Often it’s a battle in how you get them to think about the issue (and how you are as well). Again as we get into chapter 2, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” Whose hope are you dealing?

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