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Napoleon's Project Management #3

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted on Napoleon.  We’ve had a good week of VBS as well as vacation but I’ve still been reading.  Also some of you didn’t get the book until recently, I guess.  Anyway, I’ve gotten into chapter 4.

 Two things I’ve observed from chapters 2 & 3. First, in chapter 2 he talks about a compelling vision. One of the keys seems to be identifying the problem.  In working on a project, identifying the problem both the proposed problem and the one seen by what Manas calls “stakeholders” is essential to being able to clearly work on a solution.  It seems we often are guilty of fuzzy or weak thinking in regards to what clearly is the problem and discussing this with others.

 The essential things in chapter 3 is diplomacy which seems to be mostly about communication and communicating with the right people.   Anybody ever used the tools he mentions on communication? 

 I’d be interested in people’s comments about how this works in their situations. As a pastor, my greatest “stakeholder” is God.  This is difficult at the same time because it’s easy to make my wishes God’s.  Any thoughts?

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