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Philippians 4

In Chapter 4 of Philippians, Paul continues his encouragement to live the Christian life in obedience to Christ. He urges reconciliation and unity between two women in the church (4:2-3), encourages the believers to trust God in all circumstances of life (4:4-7) and to focus their thoughts on that which reflects Christ and then to do the truth, what they have learned and seen in Paul’s life. Paul’s secret to a successful Christian life is found in three verses in the chapter. In 4:13, he says he can obey God because God “gives me strength.” “Strength” is a powerful concept. It is a compound word of “in” and “able.” “Able” is the Greek from which we get the English word “dynamite.” But its root meaning is “able.” When you think about that you must realize that is a powerful concept. “Able” as dynamite breaks rocks and steel. “Able” as resurrection power broke the power of death for Christ. God enabled Paul to do whatever He wanted Paul to do. That same strength is available to us also. The second verse is 4:19. God has “glorious riches” and will meet our needs out of this abundant richness.  Those riches are available to us. The third verse is 4:23. The word of power is “grace.” God’s love and favor pours out upon us motivating us to live for Him. I don’t want to reconcile with my fellow believer.  I want to be bitter and spiteful. But I must reconcile because of His grace and enablement. I want to worry and I don’t want to talk to God but I can because of His persistent love. I prefer thinking sinful thoughts but His grace overwhelms if I even pause to think of Him.  May we claim His power today and put into practice that which is excellent and praiseworthy, reflecting Christ today.


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