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Proverbs 18

Again this chapter emphasizes our speech and how it impacts our life.    Things that involve speech:

A fool likes expressing his opinion rather than understanding life (vs. 2)

It’s hard to understand someone without having a conversation (vs. 4)

A fool’s words will get him in trouble (vs. 6-7)

A gossip’s words sound good but don’t leave you  (vs. 8)

You will look foolish if you don’t listen before you talk (vs. 13)

A wise person listens rather than talks (vs. 15)

Getting both sides to a story is important (vs. 17)

You can have a satisfying life if you use your words correctly (vs. 20)

The words you use will produce life or death (vs. 21)

The poor person can only request, the rich person demands.  (vs. 23)

Use your words wisely today.


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