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Proverbs 19

Proverbs 19 mixes the themes of being poor and being foolish especially with your speech again.  It concludes it is better to be poor than a liar  (vs. 22).  Most people in this world don’t believe that.  Though most likely the idea of liar includes the idea of betrayal because it is paired with a man of steadfast love.  Being poor is better than using your speech to manipulate your life.  This is true because it is still God’s world and he chastises and punishes those who don’t follow his ways.  vs. 1 is a similar verse.

Vs. 2 reminds us that desire without knowledge is not good.  This applies in many arenas of life.   Being hasty and going after what you want without a knowledge of how it affects you and your life will cause many heartaches.  Technology use can be a classic example.  But getting into a relationship with another boy or girl is also an area where you want to go slow.

Vs. 3 is also a great reminder.  Foolishness brings bad things into life.  When this happens, we often get mad at God rather than listening to him, repenting, and submitting.

Finally,  vs 16 and 27 point out that we must listen to God’s Word or we despise our lives.  Keep reading and obeying!

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