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Proverbs 24

Victory is gained by an abundance of counselors…not counselors that are counseling against one another but counselors that are bringing up different perspectives on the same goal:  victory.

Notice, however, that fools don’t have anything to add in discussions such as these.  However, the opposite is true, fools often think they have something to add.  But fools can be in awe of power and therefore saying nothing hoping to not make a mistake.  Wise people understand that giving counsel needs careful words, clear communication and adequate risk assessment.  They are willing to give it because they know that mistakes are going to happen but silence is not wisdom in making decisions.

Don’t faint in the day of adversity.  Have strength.  How?   A lot by realizing you have an opportunity to save those going to death.  Charge toward the danger; not away.  Courage comes not from an absence of fear, but a realization of the necessity of fighting death.

Honey or candy tastes good. Eat it to realize wisdom is better for your soul.   Don’t eat it to satisfy your hunger; it won’t.

Don’t rejoice when your enemy falls.  God is the one who takes revenge; not us.  Rejoice that God is in control.

Hard work in the field is more important than hard work on your comfort.  One needs to precede the other.  Lazy people do the opposite, though.


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