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Proverbs 25

This chapter has some great sections.  The first one is on how to approach kings and understand what their priorities are/should be. Remember that advancing yourself before an authority isn’t wise and that a good king is looking to promote honorable people.

Vs. 7b – 10 is something everyone should understand but few do.  The basic message:  don’t trust your eyes.  What you think you see and therefore know you don’t.  If you see something, take it to that person and seek to understand and create peace.  Don’t gossip/ accuse/ reveal secrets.  If you violate this, you will most likely bring shame on yourself more than the other person.

Vs. 11-14 follow that up with a reminder on the importance of wise speech that is used to restore, refresh and be generous.

Vs. 15- the end of the chapter focus on the importance of self-control.  This is especially true with your tongue but applies to all of life.  The chapter ends with a warning that one who lacks self-control is defenseless.


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