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Proverbs 27

What provokes you?  This chapter deals with things that provoke a reaction and the things we should want in life.  Iron does sharpen iron. Provocation can be a good thing but if you are doing the provoking understand what can happen.  A fool will not respond well to it.  A wise person will.   Faithful are the wounds of a friend – this is good.  A fool provoked is a worse than a stone tied around your ankle.

When we are stirred up,  we should remember staying at home provides protection(vs. 8) vs. wandering around looking for answers.  Also getting counsel from a good friend promotes peace in our souls.  Getting help from a neighbor is good.

Don’t provoke others by overstaying your welcome, being too loud, being quarrelsome, going into debt…

The best you can do in trouble is to pay attention to what you are responsible in your own life and the things that provide for the people in your life.


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