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Proverbs 30

The chapter starts with an honest confession of weariness as the author contemplates learning wisdom.  He cannot do it on his own.  He does not have the capacity.  But God revealing wisdom through His Word is the key to wisdom.  We should not add to it but simply seek to understand and obey.

As we often do, the author comes up with lists that help us understand wisdom better:  2 things to ask the Lord, 4 types of people,  Things that aren’t satisfied (so be careful what you do with them),  Things that are wonderful but unpredictable (therefore don’t try to),   Things that upset the natural order of relationships (and therefore can be very destructive),   Things that are small but wise (good reminders not to worry about size but instead faithfulness),  Things that have power (and should be treated with respect).

The chapter ends with a reminder to not exalt yourself – to strive for humility – and to avoid strife by avoiding situations you know will produce them.  Again these are general guidelines that still have to applied wisely and under God’s further revelation – because we can’t learn wisdom without that.


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