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Reading the Bible

Here are some questions I ask myself in different parts of the Bible to help myself understand Scripture better and keep from getting in a rut.

Narrative 1. What’s the frame of the story? 2. What’s repeated? 3. Who’s the hero? 4. What happens before and after? 5. What seemingly inconsequential details are added, especially about God?

Poetry 1. Is it repeating ideas or contrasting ideas? 2. What emotions predominate? 3. What tensions are introduced? 4. Where is God and what is He doing?

Epistle 1. What’s the outline of the book? 2. What’s the main theme? 3. What history is referred to? 4. What reasons are given? 5. What OT passages are quoted/ referred to? 6. What commands are given? 7. What statuses are assumed?

Prophecy (a specific form of poetry) 1. What promises are made? 2. What warnings are pronounced? 3. What symbols are used? 4. What role does repentance play? 5. What positives are pointed out in the restoration promises? 6. What negatives are drawn out in the warnings?

All Areas 1. How does this relate to Christ and how he accomplished our salvation? 2. How does this relate to God’s restoring things through Jesus Christ? 3. How does this reflate to the covenants and dispensations?

What questions do you ask yourself?

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