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The Constructive Curmudgeon: Other Ways to Refuse the Postmodern World

Other Ways to Refuse the Postmodern World

1. Attend local live concerts.

2. Go to a local museum.

3. Treat your checker at the supermarket like a real human being.

4. Don’t worry about fashion in clothes.

5. Drive your car into the ground before getting another one.

6. Give a significant amount of your money to Kingdom causes.

7. Read books that are over your head.

8. Listen to music you don’t understand until you do.

9. Memorize parts of the Bible.

10. Read about Christians from other counties, such as Brother Yun from China.

11. Object when your church wants to spend thousands on a food court (or the equivalent

), but won’t use that money for missions.

12. Do not interrupt others when they are speaking.

13. Turn off as many TVs as possible.

14. Don’t say, “I’ll pray for yo

u” unless you will.

15. Listen to what people from other countries have to say about America and about their own countries.

16. Care more about your soul than your lawn.

17. Speak in complete sentences.

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