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The grace of gratitude

Well, Iowa beat Iowa State.  These things happen in sports.  It was a good game between two teams who played hard.  Those on the winning side rejoiced and those on the losing side were dejected, blamed the coaching or the refs or the players, and prayed that next year it would be different.  The nice thing for Iowa State fans is that, unlike in the past, their season is no longer over; they still can hope for a bowl game.  Just like sports fans, we also need to cheer good things.  God is working in our midst at Campus Baptist Church, and we dare not be ungrateful or less joyful by missing what He is doing.

One of the greatest blessings we’ve had is our children coming to Christ.  Several parents have said their children have accepted Christ.  AWANA is now going again which gives more opportunity for that.  We’ve also had several baptisms of children. Praise God that He is working in our kids’ lives! As a result of VBS, we have some kids coming to AWANA and at least one family interested in joining our church.  God is working through our efforts to touch lives and for that we are grateful.  Thanks to all those who worked hard for VBS!

Another blessing we’ve had is the small group Bible studies that have been going on.  It’s been a blessing to see men and women involved in making God’s Word a part of their lives.  It’s also been a blessing to see the love that we have for one another increase.  Several relationships are growing in their ability to encourage and strengthen one another as we follow Christ.  A further blessing is men who are making good decisions to follow Christ more fully.  I know of men who have begun working harder to love their wives and families. I know of men who have made tough decisions to give up sinful patterns of life and are seeking to follow God wholeheartedly.  Only God could work to help these men make those decisions!  It’s awesome to watch God work in our midst.

Our deacons are working hard to care for the people of this congregation.  They’re focusing more effort on that.  It’s a blessing to see men whom God has burdened with a love for this church work hard to care for this church.  You should thank your deacon for his prayer and work on your behalf as well as let him know how he can care for you better.Bottomline, more people are involved in ministering to more people.  That’s the evidence of a love only God could put in our hearts.  We praise Him for letting us be a part of His ministry!  It means our love for God and His Son, Jesus Christ is growing as well.  What a joy that brings us, and, just like Iowa State, there’s more good things to come that only God can give!

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