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This week we have two conferences going on.  The first is more famous: Together for the Gospel 2008 in Louisville, KY.  You can get audio here.  The one by Thabiti Anyabwile looks particularly good as well as John Piper’s.

The second is less famous but was still a blessing.  The annual Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches had their conference in Ankeny.  Larry Moyer and Colin Smith were the speakers.

Colin Smith spoke on several passages on from Judges.  It was great to get a good idea of the history as well as a good understanding of the intent of the authors.  Judges uses the word “hand” as a theme throughout the book to show how God is working through people and especially the tools in their hands.  Ehud was left-handed (actually ambidextrous) having been trained from a youth to use his left hand in battle.  His skill brought deliverance for Israel.  I’ll try to get audio of some of the sessions up when I get it.

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